Wednesday’s Thought of the Day

“Learning to listen is a life skill – it opens us up to a world beyond our everyday experiences and enables us to connect with something transcendental and extraordinary.”

~Kyung Wah Chung

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Let’s Do Lunch!

Today was a very busy lunch recess in the Library. Cold, drizzly days almost always mean a packed library since many boys prefer to stay inside. What choices do our library users make when they come here at lunch time? Let’s see…

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The Next Jon Klassen?

Last month we were thrilled to invite Jon Klassen to our Library for a presentation to the Grade 1s and 2s! It was so exciting that Ms Walker forgot to blog about it at the time! (He also visited right smack in the middle of receiving all our new furniture, so not only was she star-struck, she was a little overwhelmed by organizing everything…)

Mr. Klassen read us his books, talked about how he gets his story ideas, and demonstrated his illustration techniques live. He is not only a supremely talented writer and illustrator, he’s also down-to-earth and a real hit with the kids (and teachers!). We are so lucky to be able to host such wonderful writers and creators at this school.

Mr. Klassen really inspired one boy in Grade 2, Taggart. One of the creatures that Jon demonstrated drawing was the crab from This Is Not My Hat:

This guy!

This guy!

Taggart really took a liking to that crab, and went on to author a series of seven books about a crab and his pal, a rock. Taggart and Ms. Walker worked together to create a recording of Taggart reading these rather brilliant slices of marine life. Click here to download the file: Crab and Rock series …and enjoy!

Crab and rock playing fetch. Little do they know that it's a dog game.

Crab and rock playing fetch. Little do they know that it’s a dog game.


Thank you, Jon Klassen! Your visit has left a lasting impression at our school.

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A fork in the road
gives you either a choice or
dirty silverware

~ James Rodgers

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Overheard in the Library 47

Today is a casual day.The Grade 2 class is being a little wiggly while Ms Walker reads them Sideways Stories from Wayside School:

Ms. Walker: Before I start the next chapter, I want everyone to sit criss-cross-applesauce again.

Student (in a tone of despair): I don’t think I can, Ms. Walker. My jeans are too tight!


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Friday’s Thought of the Day

“Procrastinate now, don’t put it off.”

~ Ellen DeGeneres

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Thursday’s Thought of the Day

“If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything.”

~ Mark Twain

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