Investigating How Dinosaurs Moved

You might wonder if a scene like this is actually realistic:

Could a Tyrannosaurus Rex, an animal that is 6 meters tall and 12 meters long, have actually moved that fast?  Well one Grade 5 student would like to find out.

We did some initial research and found some cool information about dinosaurs moving in different ways including a four-legged gallop, a two-legged hop, and a two-legged run.  Check out the interesting article (make sure to click on the simulation movies near the bottom) called Dinosaurs Hop, Skip & Jump into the 21st Century from the Animal Simulation Laboratory.

To continue researching about this subject, try looking at the following links from Enchanted Learning:

Dinosaur Locomotion
T. rex Locomotion

Lastly, you might want to try out this experiment called Dino Long Legs: The Relationship Between Stride Length and Leg Length, from the website of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, during which you can work with accepted relationships between leg length, stride length and speed to determine information about an individual that only left behind tracks.

Have fun!

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