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Just plain creepy…

Last week, Mr. Weber approached Ms. Walker with a copy of Dr. Seuss’s You’re Only Old Once! He declared it the strangest, creepiest book he’d seen in a long while, and Ms. Walker had to agree! Check out some of the illustrations:

What on earth...? From http://papahere.com/dr-seuss-book-list/youre-only-old-once/

What on earth…? From http://papahere.com/dr-seuss-book-list/youre-only-old-once/

Credit: http://seuss.wikia.com/wiki/You%27re_Only_Old_Once!

Credit: http://seuss.wikia.com/wiki/You%27re_Only_Old_Once!

A little research revealed that You’re Only Old Once was published on Dr. Seuss’s 82nd birthday, and was inspired by the number of medical tests he had to endure after suffering some illnesses. It was not really intended to be a book for kids (the dour tone and remarkably depressing message also indicate this). Very glad we didn’t choose this as a read-aloud for Grade 1s!

This reminded Ms. Walker of some other somewhat disturbing illustrations that both fascinated and repulsed her when she was little, from Tomi Ungerer’s book No Kiss for Mother.

rat grinder 2

Don’t show this to our little furry friends!

The St. George's nurses are not at all like this

The St. George’s nurses are not at all like this

rat grinder

Fresh ground rat. Mmmmm.

These sorts of images stick with you for a long time! Do you remember any particularly traumatizing illustrations from children’s books?

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