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First Editions

Today Mr. Weber overheard an interesting conversation between Ms. Walker and some Grade 6 students:  they were talking about the new Kenneth Oppel book (see post below), and what the term first edition means for a book.  The books that we received from Mr. Oppel are indeed first editions, as is noted inside the books by a special First edition keepsake!

The conversation then turned to how cool it would be to have a first edition of a Harry Potter book.  “How much would one of these be worth?” the student asked.  After a little research, Mr. Weber found a first softcover printing of HPATPS for sale on eBay for almost $5,200!  The original hard cover edition is far more rare – in fact, there are only about 200 collectible copies of this book, and they have sold for between $40,000-$55,000!  Check out this cool article from AbeBooks called The Holy Grail of Harry Potter Books to find out more.  Also check out this video to see if the Harry Potter book that YOU have might be valuable …

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  1. Jeyna Grace

    Makes me wish I bought the books earlier.. LOL!


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