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Engage YOUR Mind!

Today, Ms. Walker came across an interesting website that is kind of like


It’s called Engage Their Minds, and it’s written by Terri Eichholz, a teacher from San Antonio, Texas.  She has been teaching gifted students in grades K-5 for 14 years.  This website is meant to be a helpful resource to other teachers who want to customize students’ learning.  Even though it’s targeted towards educators, some of the content might be interesting for students as well.

Here’s an example of one of the cool things Ms. Eichholz posted about recently: MaKey MaKey.  Apparently this is “an invention kit for everyone,” and it allowed her students to use a banana as a keyboard space bar, or Play-Doh as piano keys.  Cool!  Click here to visit her post, or click here to visit the website for MaKey MaKey.  This could be something really cool to investigate further here at Saints.


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3 responses to “Engage YOUR Mind!

  1. engagetheirminds

    Thanks for the link to my blog! It helped me find your wonderful blog! Love it!

  2. Henry Chan

    This video is so cool. I like the pacman

  3. Andy Hu

    This video is so cool!


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