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Our visit with Kenneth Oppel

Today was a very special day for us at Saints. We were fortunate enough to have a visit from one of Canada’s premiere children’s writers, Kenneth Oppel! This guy is a BIG DEAL, an internationally bestselling author. And, as it turns out, an all-around nice guy.

Ken gave presentations to the Grade 5s and 7s. The Grade 5s (and two stowaway Grade 6s) who study the Canadian Pacific Railway in Social Studies, learned all about the steampunk world of Ken’s new novel The Boundless, interspersed with readings and historical information. The boys were enraptured, and I’m going to call it: The Boundless will be the hottest item on the holds list for the remainder of the school year. Ken has managed to make Canadian history magical with this novel. It is a surefire hit. (And, it smells good too! He had all the kids sniffing books!)

After presenting to the 5s, Ken moved up to our new Grade 7 neighbourhood to discuss Half Brother with the 7s. They studied this novel in Language Arts, and were fascinated to learn about Ken’s research into sign language experiments with chimpanzees in the 1970s. He even visited a chimp sanctuary in Montreal to learn more about the fallout of experimentation on primates. Having the personal connection with the author of their novel study was a very meaningful experience for the boys, and it will be something they will always remember.

Enjoy the photos from our visit!

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