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DJ Kenlee

Grade 5 student Kenneth Lee is interested in learning about making and mixing music. Who better to bring in then our very own Mr. Docherty! Mr. Docherty works at the senior school and is also a teacher-on-call at the junior school.  Mr. D even brought some DJ headphones for Kenneth to try on! Together they imported songs, removed vocals, and worked on slowing down and speeding up the beat.  Mr. D shared some of his own work with Kenneth to allow him to see the possibilities.  I’m not sure if Kenneth knew how difficult and involved mixing music is, but he does now!  DJ Kenlee has a lot to learn, but for a 10 year old he is doing exceptionally well :)

This will be an ongoing project for Kenneth and we look forward to hearing more from him in the near future.

A special thanks to Mr. Docherty for contributing his time.

DJ Kenlee

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