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Genii at work

Ever since we initiated Genius Hour in lieu of the more traditional Grade 6 Library period, we’ve seen a massive increase in student engagement as the boys take control of their own learning. The boys are so excited and focused on their projects that they barely even need teachers, other than to fetch the coveted paper cutter from the office or to advise on hot glue-gunning techniques. The students show up on time, get themselves organized and maintain their focus for the entire period.  Right now the first session of Genius Hour is starting to wrap up, and with only a few more class periods left to finish up their projects, we thought we’d share what some of the Grade 6s have been up to!

The range of topics is really interesting. These boys, for the most part, have chosen to MAKE things during their Library periods, whether it be a Greek Mythology card game, a video game, a board game (sensing a theme here?) or a short play, pixel art, a comic book or Rube Goldberg machine. Only one boy has selected a more traditional research project format. One pair of boys is collecting player statistics from the NBA in order to predict outcomes of games, and another group is learning magic tricks! Many boys got hooked on Hour of Code in December and decided to use their Genius Hour time to experiment on sites such as code.org, Tynker, or Scratch. We also have one dedicated fellow who is making a compilation video of his domino chains. We can’t wait to see what the finished products will be – stay tuned!


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