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Rubik’s Cube Masters

Guest Blogger:  Princeton


Why Rubik’s Cubes should be allowed in Class

Rubik Cubes are challenging and improve your IQ. They are fun and can help you get into college.

Rubik Cubes boost your spatial intelligence believe it or not!!! It also improves your IQ. It will improve your hand to eye coordination. It will help mental reflexes and patience. It also increases mental capacity. Rubik’s Cubes keeps your neurons alive and increases concentration.

They are fun and make you smart too. They are sometimes fairly hard to solve and is impressive if you can solve it quickly and correctly. It improves your short term memory because you have to remember the patterns. It also keeps your mind sharp in old age and prevents dementia. On top of that they prevent other damaging diseases.

It is true that it can help you into college if you are very passionate about it. In the info above, increase in mental capacity will cause you to do better in school and better grades will equals it is easier to get into college. Since it improves you hand to eye coordination you could be good at sports. If you are really good at sports you might get a sports scholarship.

Some people think of Rubik’s cubes are impossible but if you know how to do it, it is really easy to solve. Did you know there are tons of different looking and moving Rubik’s cubes? Did you know that there is a much more chance you live longer? You will also have a heathier mind and body.


By: Princeton

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