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Breaking news: Lewis Barnavelt defeats Greg Heffley!

In idle moments, Ms. Walker’s mind often wonders to the circulation statistics. What books are the most popular? What are the boys reading these days?

Usually, it’s no surprise: graphic novels reign supreme – right now Sisters by Raina Telgemeier is the most-circulated book in the library by a long shot.


When it comes to popular fiction titles, it’s usually the big series that come out on top: Wimpy Kid, Warriors, Ranger’s Apprentice et al.

But check this out! Top fiction book since September here at St. George’s?


Why yes, that’s a book by the late great John Bellairs, illustrated by the incomparably creepy Edward Gorey!

This isn’t a random occurence: it’s the Grade 4 read aloud. And it’s probably the best read aloud ever. It’s scary. It’s funny. There are magic stained glass windows and secret passageways and a hookah shaped like a Spanish Galleon. It’s pretty impressive that a relatively unknown book published in 1973 is beating the likes of the Wimpy Kid. Take that, Greg Heffley!

(And for what it’s worth, in this librarian’s opinion, Lewis Barnavelt is WAAAAY wimpier than Greg Heffley.)

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