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Term 2 – Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow

The final weeks of term 2 have certainly had a number of exciting occurrences take place! Here are some brief highlights.


Library Club – Fish Division Field Trip

This afternoon a group of thirteen boys made the journey to Noah’s Pet Ark where they selected a variety of new fish for the Library fish tank. The boys who came on the field trip have diligently cared for the fish throughout the school year – cleaning the tank, feeding them, and generally being upstanding fish enthusiasts. As the population of the fish tank grew exponentially today, concerns of unrest amongst the fish are rife. Which fish will become the ringleader of the tank? Will the Gold Gourami be able to continue his dominance? Only time will tell…


Grade 6 Destination Imagination

At the end of February, a group of five grade 6 boys made the journey to Burnaby North Secondary School to participate in the Destination Imagination Regional Tournament. Since their return from Christmas, the boys had been working on creating a vehicle that would be able to make trips back and forth across the presentation area, all while performing a skit. The boys performed admirably well and are currently working on their new and improved solution for Provincials in early April.

DI car.jpg

Grade 4 Skype Visit with Evan Howard

Last Friday, Evan Howard (an adventurer, most recently seen on History Channel’s Curse of the Frozen Gold) joined the grade 4’s online to discuss what it is like to live and survive in the Arctic. This tied in nicely with the Arctic themed book that the boys are reading in Language Arts – Frozen Fire. Evan chatted and shared photos of his attempted winter traverse of the Brooks Range in Alaska before fielding questions from the boys.


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Guest Blogger- 5 Outrageous Facts That You Didn’t Know About the Bermuda Triangle!

This year a popular topic with our students is the Bermuda Triangle. Aidan offered to be our guest blogger this month so some of the younger students can read more about the topic. Grade 2s, I’m looking at you!


5 Outrageous Facts That You Didn’t Know About the Bermuda Triangle!

  1. In Cambodia and Bolivia, there are people (pirates) that sail to look for gold. When they see incoming ships, they take over and try to look for gold inside. That is how some ships are found missing, because the pirates have taken them over.
  2. There is an article that says that there is a magnetic field in the air. When an airplane flies near by, the magnetic field compresses and the ship disappears into another dimension.
  3. Some people have purposely gone missing so the rumors and mysteries of the Bermuda triangle continue, or is it a rumor?
  4. There are suspicions that have to do with rogue tidal waves that crash into ships, which turn into pieces of metal. Or the tidal waves are so high that it can even reach low flying planes.
  5. There have been ghosts spotted on ship DC-467. We don’t know whether this is a hoax or is this really true.




bermuda triangle

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Rubik’s Cube Masters

Guest Blogger:  Princeton


Why Rubik’s Cubes should be allowed in Class

Rubik Cubes are challenging and improve your IQ. They are fun and can help you get into college.

Rubik Cubes boost your spatial intelligence believe it or not!!! It also improves your IQ. It will improve your hand to eye coordination. It will help mental reflexes and patience. It also increases mental capacity. Rubik’s Cubes keeps your neurons alive and increases concentration.

They are fun and make you smart too. They are sometimes fairly hard to solve and is impressive if you can solve it quickly and correctly. It improves your short term memory because you have to remember the patterns. It also keeps your mind sharp in old age and prevents dementia. On top of that they prevent other damaging diseases.

It is true that it can help you into college if you are very passionate about it. In the info above, increase in mental capacity will cause you to do better in school and better grades will equals it is easier to get into college. Since it improves you hand to eye coordination you could be good at sports. If you are really good at sports you might get a sports scholarship.

Some people think of Rubik’s cubes are impossible but if you know how to do it, it is really easy to solve. Did you know there are tons of different looking and moving Rubik’s cubes? Did you know that there is a much more chance you live longer? You will also have a heathier mind and body.


By: Princeton

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Sea Star Nerd

Melanie Knight, Marine Biologist, Sea star nerd, aquarium founder & TED presenter visited our school to participate in the Human Library.


You can check out Melanie’s TedxTalk here:




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Lost City (part 1)

IsAAc and NoAAh (we call them ‘Team Double A’) came to me about their interest in lost cities. Together we decided they would first explore Pompeii, a city in Italy which was frozen in time by Mt. Vesuvius. Mr. Lee (Isaacs father) was excited to support the boys with their vision so he invited Noaah over to help make the volcano at their home. Their next step is to make a model of Pompeii so we can demonstrate the destruction of the city. The boys are also preparing a presentation for 2JT. Here are a few photos of the boy in action! Once the boys finish their project we will film the explosion and post it to the blog.

To be continued…





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Guest blogger- Jacky 5DC

The Future of Aerogel

By: Jacky Tang 5DC


Aerogel is an amazing material that has a 0.0095 density and is 0.5 of a gram and Aerogel is almost as light as air. Aerogel has been used by NASA on various space missions such as collecting stardust from comets and even on Mars Rovers. There are 4 types of this amazing material and they are: 1. classic silica Aerogel 2. Pyro gel 3. Cryo gel and 4. Airloy. Each of these materials have different uses.   Classic silica Aerogel is for curiosity gifts and experimentation, Pyro gel is used to keep heat in, Cryo gel is used to keep cold in, and finally Airloy is a very strong type of Aerogel and is used for experimentation and looks like plastic. Aerogel has already been made into a variety of cool products such as jackets, house insulation, and gifts made from Aerogel.

When using Aerogel you should wear gloves to prevent little dry brittle spots from forming on your skin. Sometimes particles 2-5 nanometers will come off the gel and is bad for the body if it gets in eyes or if you breathe it in or consume the particles or gel it will be harmful to the body and when the particles are breathed in it will cause a disease called silicosis or “miners lung”. It is highly recommended that respiratory protection, eye goggles, and gloves when experimenting with Aerogel. Aerogel will change the future because the blankets are used for “super insulation” and 19 of 20 of the world’s top petrochemical companies use Aerogel to transport the petrochemicals. Cryo gel will be good for house insulation in the summer because it can keep the temperature of the house cool if you use the Cryo gel as shades and the Pyro gel does the opposite but in the winter were it keeps heat in. I think Pyro gel can also be made into sleeping bags or tents to provide a super insulated tent or sleeping bag for camping.

When Aerogel is in contact in water it will catastrophically dissolve but there is a way to hydrophilic the gel, the gel is soaked in chemical base to replace hydroxyl groups with non-polar groups on the surface which will then protect the Aerogel from water.

In 2003 25 million US$ worth of Aerogel was sold and that number rose to 500 million in 2013. If you want to find out more about Aerogel go to:

Or if you would like to purchase some Aerogel go to:



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Human Library February Edition

This month our Human Book was Jen from Orphaned Wildlife Society (OWL).  She introduced St. George’s to an owl and a falcon that she is rehabilitating at her facility in Delta. Her facility specializes in raptors (i.e. eagles, falcons, hawks and owls). Birds of prey patients at O.W.L. number over four hundred each year and as O.W.L.’s facilities have expanded, so has the intake. Primary care for injured birds (i.e. fluid injections, tube feeding, and initial treatment of broken bones to stabilize) is administered by staff.


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