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Guest Blogger- 5 Outrageous Facts That You Didn’t Know About the Bermuda Triangle!

This year a popular topic with our students is the Bermuda Triangle. Aidan offered to be our guest blogger this month so some of the younger students can read more about the topic. Grade 2s, I’m looking at you!


5 Outrageous Facts That You Didn’t Know About the Bermuda Triangle!

  1. In Cambodia and Bolivia, there are people (pirates) that sail to look for gold. When they see incoming ships, they take over and try to look for gold inside. That is how some ships are found missing, because the pirates have taken them over.
  2. There is an article that says that there is a magnetic field in the air. When an airplane flies near by, the magnetic field compresses and the ship disappears into another dimension.
  3. Some people have purposely gone missing so the rumors and mysteries of the Bermuda triangle continue, or is it a rumor?
  4. There are suspicions that have to do with rogue tidal waves that crash into ships, which turn into pieces of metal. Or the tidal waves are so high that it can even reach low flying planes.
  5. There have been ghosts spotted on ship DC-467. We don’t know whether this is a hoax or is this really true.




bermuda triangle

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Green Shirt Day

#EarthWeek2015 was a success! The school was full of natural light, there was minimal garbage and Green Shirt Day was inspiring. We had a record number of students walking, biking and carpooling to school. Thank you for your support🙂

Green Shirt Day!

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Sea Star Nerd

Melanie Knight, Marine Biologist, Sea star nerd, aquarium founder & TED presenter visited our school to participate in the Human Library.


You can check out Melanie’s TedxTalk here:




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Lost City (part 1)

IsAAc and NoAAh (we call them ‘Team Double A’) came to me about their interest in lost cities. Together we decided they would first explore Pompeii, a city in Italy which was frozen in time by Mt. Vesuvius. Mr. Lee (Isaacs father) was excited to support the boys with their vision so he invited Noaah over to help make the volcano at their home. Their next step is to make a model of Pompeii so we can demonstrate the destruction of the city. The boys are also preparing a presentation for 2JT. Here are a few photos of the boy in action! Once the boys finish their project we will film the explosion and post it to the blog.

To be continued…





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Human Library February Edition

This month our Human Book was Jen from Orphaned Wildlife Society (OWL).  She introduced St. George’s to an owl and a falcon that she is rehabilitating at her facility in Delta. Her facility specializes in raptors (i.e. eagles, falcons, hawks and owls). Birds of prey patients at O.W.L. number over four hundred each year and as O.W.L.’s facilities have expanded, so has the intake. Primary care for injured birds (i.e. fluid injections, tube feeding, and initial treatment of broken bones to stabilize) is administered by staff.


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The Next Jon Klassen?

Last month we were thrilled to invite Jon Klassen to our Library for a presentation to the Grade 1s and 2s! It was so exciting that Ms Walker forgot to blog about it at the time! (He also visited right smack in the middle of receiving all our new furniture, so not only was she star-struck, she was a little overwhelmed by organizing everything…)

Mr. Klassen read us his books, talked about how he gets his story ideas, and demonstrated his illustration techniques live. He is not only a supremely talented writer and illustrator, he’s also down-to-earth and a real hit with the kids (and teachers!). We are so lucky to be able to host such wonderful writers and creators at this school.

Mr. Klassen really inspired one boy in Grade 2, Taggart. One of the creatures that Jon demonstrated drawing was the crab from This Is Not My Hat:

This guy!

This guy!

Taggart really took a liking to that crab, and went on to author a series of seven books about a crab and his pal, a rock. Taggart and Ms. Walker worked together to create a recording of Taggart reading these rather brilliant slices of marine life. Click here to download the file: Crab and Rock series …and enjoy!

Crab and rock playing fetch. Little do they know that it's a dog game.

Crab and rock playing fetch. Little do they know that it’s a dog game.


Thank you, Jon Klassen! Your visit has left a lasting impression at our school.

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Overheard in the Library 47

Today is a casual day.The Grade 2 class is being a little wiggly while Ms Walker reads them Sideways Stories from Wayside School:

Ms. Walker: Before I start the next chapter, I want everyone to sit criss-cross-applesauce again.

Student (in a tone of despair): I don’t think I can, Ms. Walker. My jeans are too tight!


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