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Our Footprints, Our Future!

If you were unable to attend Friday’s screening of the Grade 4 and 5 Carbon Footprint PSAs, fear not! Here is the full video of everyone’s Public Service Announcements!

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Track Meet Tragedy

Ms. Walker, winner of Most Athletic Teacher Award this year, spent all day yesterday at the ISEA track meet in Surrey. Ethan and Will, in Grade 5, finished their events early in the day and elicited her help in creating this piece of cinematic art.

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Guest Blogger- 5 Outrageous Facts That You Didn’t Know About the Bermuda Triangle!

This year a popular topic with our students is the Bermuda Triangle. Aidan offered to be our guest blogger this month so some of the younger students can read more about the topic. Grade 2s, I’m looking at you!


5 Outrageous Facts That You Didn’t Know About the Bermuda Triangle!

  1. In Cambodia and Bolivia, there are people (pirates) that sail to look for gold. When they see incoming ships, they take over and try to look for gold inside. That is how some ships are found missing, because the pirates have taken them over.
  2. There is an article that says that there is a magnetic field in the air. When an airplane flies near by, the magnetic field compresses and the ship disappears into another dimension.
  3. Some people have purposely gone missing so the rumors and mysteries of the Bermuda triangle continue, or is it a rumor?
  4. There are suspicions that have to do with rogue tidal waves that crash into ships, which turn into pieces of metal. Or the tidal waves are so high that it can even reach low flying planes.
  5. There have been ghosts spotted on ship DC-467. We don’t know whether this is a hoax or is this really true.




bermuda triangle

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Gratitude Graffiti Project

What makes you smile? What are you grateful for? The grade 5s recently participated in the Gratitude Graffiti Project. For more information go to



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Green Shirt Day

#EarthWeek2015 was a success! The school was full of natural light, there was minimal garbage and Green Shirt Day was inspiring. We had a record number of students walking, biking and carpooling to school. Thank you for your support🙂

Green Shirt Day!

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Attention Grades 4 + 5!

This post is especially for Grades 4 and 5! Here is a list of good websites to find data to back your PSA messages:

  • Water: |
  • Food:
  •  Energy:
  • Cars:
  • Garbage/Recycling: | |

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Lately in the Library…

How is it late April already? So many things have been happening both at Saints as a whole and in the Library, that, sadly, this blog has taken a backseat! It just means that we’re busy and happy as we play, learn and read. And not update the blog…

So what’ve we been up to for the past two weeks, you ask?

Well, to start with, last Monday was Choice Day! As its name suggests, this is a day during Arts Week when the students can choose how they spend their day. Teachers offer a wide variety of creative activities, from drama to kite-making to making clarinets out of carrots (for realz). In the Library, we hosted The Cardboard Challenge, inspired by Caine’s Arcade. Nine boys from Grades 1 to 7 signed up, and spent the day happily playing and building with cardboard.

Later that week, the two Walkers (Librarian and Grade 5 teacher) began the much-anticipated Arrival unit, a cross-curricular Social Studies project that uses Shaun Tan’s remarkable wordless graphic novel The Arrival as a unifying story about immigration.

And finally, we concluded the week with a special panel of guests who discussed their own immigration stories. Mrs. Walker invited her father, Dr. Day, and Mr. Sose and Mr. Thomas from the P.E. department shared their own stories of how they arrived in Canada.

All in all it was a busy but exciting week here in the Library!

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