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Handmade book tutorial!

For those boys who were in the handmade book activity during Choice Day today, here is a tutorial for stitching multiple signatures together:

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Term 2 – Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow

The final weeks of term 2 have certainly had a number of exciting occurrences take place! Here are some brief highlights.


Library Club – Fish Division Field Trip

This afternoon a group of thirteen boys made the journey to Noah’s Pet Ark where they selected a variety of new fish for the Library fish tank. The boys who came on the field trip have diligently cared for the fish throughout the school year – cleaning the tank, feeding them, and generally being upstanding fish enthusiasts. As the population of the fish tank grew exponentially today, concerns of unrest amongst the fish are rife. Which fish will become the ringleader of the tank? Will the Gold Gourami be able to continue his dominance? Only time will tell…


Grade 6 Destination Imagination

At the end of February, a group of five grade 6 boys made the journey to Burnaby North Secondary School to participate in the Destination Imagination Regional Tournament. Since their return from Christmas, the boys had been working on creating a vehicle that would be able to make trips back and forth across the presentation area, all while performing a skit. The boys performed admirably well and are currently working on their new and improved solution for Provincials in early April.

DI car.jpg

Grade 4 Skype Visit with Evan Howard

Last Friday, Evan Howard (an adventurer, most recently seen on History Channel’s Curse of the Frozen Gold) joined the grade 4’s online to discuss what it is like to live and survive in the Arctic. This tied in nicely with the Arctic themed book that the boys are reading in Language Arts – Frozen Fire. Evan chatted and shared photos of his attempted winter traverse of the Brooks Range in Alaska before fielding questions from the boys.


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Human Library: February Edition

Yesterday we had a fascinating, fun and furry Human Library event: Ann Gunderson, a certified Nosework trainer, visited Saints with her two detection dogs, Keeper and Spring! Ann trains dogs, and humans, in the sport of odor detection, and she taught us all about how dogs use their sense of smell, how powerful their noses are, and how humans can harness this power for work and fun.

Some interesting facts we learned:

  • Even though dog brains are smaller than human brains, the area devoted to processing smells is much, much larger than that of humans.
  • If you dissolved a teaspoon of sugar in an Olympic-sized swimming pool, a dog would be able to smell it!
  • Dogs are used for sniffing out not only illegal substances and weapons, but also invasive species such as mussels.

Here are some photos of the day. A big thank you to Ann, Keeper and Spring for sharing their knowledge with us!


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Daniel Kish: How I Use Echolocation

This month’s Film Festival features the story of Daniel Kish, a blind man who has learned how to use echolocation (think bats!) to get around.

If you missed the event, or want to watch it again, here is the video!

If you’re interested in learning a bit more about Daniel Kish, here is a podcast episode that he features him.

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The Story of Stuff

Today’s film festival got a lot of boys talking… about STUFF! About 40 boys signed up to watch The Story of Stuff, a 2007 video all about production, distribution, consumption and disposal of the things we want, buy, and use. We learned some scary facts, like how companies design products to break on purpose; and how for every can of garbage we make, over 70 cans of garbage went into the production of the stuff we’re throwing out!

If you missed today’s event, you can watch the movie here, and also go to the Story of Stuff website to watch other videos and learn what you can do to make a difference.

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Wonder Wednesday: Super Cooling

Today’s Wonder Wednesday was – literally – super cool! We listened to an episode of Radiolab centered around intriguing anecdote: on the Russian-Finnish border during World War II, hundreds of horses fled a forest fire and stampeded into Lake Ladoga. The lake was very cold but not yet frozen, and – according to legend – as soon as the horses entered the water, it froze instantly, trapping them all.

The scientific concept behind this story is called super cooling: pure water that is very cold but not yet frozen will freeze instantly when it comes into contact with something such as dust, bacteria… or maybe horses?

We ran out of time and were unable to finish the podcast so here is a link in case you want to listen to the whole thing again: Radiolab: Super Cool

During the podcast we also watched this video from Grant Thompson, aka “The King of Random”:


What do you think? Did the horses really cause the lake to freeze?

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An Arresting Human Library

Today we welcomed our second Human Library guest of the year, Officer Chris Tang with the Vancouver Police Department. As soon as he showed up in full uniform, the behavior of both faculty and students improved immediately.

Officer Tang is with the Department’s identification unit, and he spoke to groups of boys about the process of securing a crime scene and collecting evidence. The boys learned about fingerprinting and the science behind identification. Officer Tang even let them try out the fingerprinting wand, a magnetic device to apply dust to items without smudging any prints, unlike a traditional brush. It was a fun and informative visit and we are so grateful that Officer Tang dropped by!

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