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Let’s Do Lunch!

Today was a very busy lunch recess in the Library. Cold, drizzly days almost always mean a packed library since many boys prefer to stay inside. What choices do our library users make when they come here at lunch time? Let’s see…

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Let’s Do Lunch

Today has been one of those kind of… icky… days, weather-wise. It’s not raining hard enough to justify an indoor lunch recess, but it’s just wet enough to make the idea of “fresh air” rather unappetizing.

Days like today mean the library is PACKED full of students. We had to turn latecomers away because every single chair was taken! If there had been an anthropologist here, he or she would have observed the following activities:

  • reading
  • creating posters
  • creating Minecraft civilizations
  • finishing assignments
  • working on Khan Academy modules
  • playing with Cubelets
  • playing with rats
  • playing cards
  • putting together a puzzle
  • playing Cat’s Cradle
  • wandering around aimlessly

If you wonder what a rainy lunchtime looks like, here’s a little snapshot:

Lunchtime @ the Library

Phew! It can be pretty crazy in here, but we’re glad to welcome kids who prefer indoor activities on a drizzly day.

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