It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

Ms. Walker makes frequent trips to Vancouver Kidsbooks to pick up orders and choose new titles for the collection. Here is this month’s latest haul, all laid out before cataloguing begins.

What goodies do we have in there? Graphic novels, naturally – Johnny Boo and Zita the Spacegirl are the newest additions to our ever-growing, wildly popular comics collection. We’ve also got some great new non-fiction titles like the award-winning How to Build Your Own Country and Who Wants Pizza?

Sherlock Holmes is the man of the hour: not only did we get a new edition of the complete Arthur Conan Doyle stories to replace an old, worn one, but we now have a set of graphic novel (of course!) adaptations called On The Case with Holmes and Watson,  plus the latest in Shane Peacock’s Boy Sherlock Holmes series, The Secret Fiend. The game is afoot for all our young mystery fans.

Once these books are cataloged, labeled and stamped, they’ll be ready to check out!


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