Election Fever

Although you might not be old enough to vote, you’re probably still interested in the upcoming federal election, which will take place next Monday, May 2. 

The Grade 5s will be having a mock election in their socials class, and so Mr. Weber put together a rough guide to the election – summerizing the platforms of each of the 5 main federal political parties.  Click below to continue reading about what each party stands for (or at least what they say they stand for) and then tell us who you would vote for if you could cast a ballot . . .


Tagline “Here for Canada”
Leader: Prime Minister Stephen Harper (since 2004)
Place on political spectrum: Economic Right; Socially Restrictive
Colour: Blue
Current Seats in Parliament: 143 (Minority Leader) [47.73% of seats]
Popular Vote in 2008 Election: 37.65% [therefore overrepresented by 10.08%]

  • Economy: protect/create jobs, recover from recession, eliminate the deficit by 2015, lower taxes for businesses, reduce government, free trade between Canada-Europe/Canada-India
  • Support for Families: Family Tax Cut, more support for seniors and caregivers
  • Environment – ?
  • Making our Streets Safe – increase funding for prisons/military
  • Standing on Guard for Canada – invest in the development of Canada’s North, strengthen the armed forces, crack down on human smuggling, end the Long-Gun Registry
  • move to an elected Senate


Tagline “Your Family. Your Future. Your Canada.”
Leader: Michael Ignatieff (since 2009)
Place on political spectrum: Economic Centre; Socially Liberal (debatable)
Colour: Red
Current Seats in Parliament: 77 (Official Opposition) [25% of seats]
Popular Vote in 2008 Election: 26.26% [therefore underrepresented by 1.26%] 

  • Economy: green tax credits for home renovations, no raised taxes, cancel unnecessary and unaffordable tax cuts for the largest corporations, and reverse wasteful spending habits
  • Family, Finances, Future – universal free/quality/timely medicare, good public pension system, Charter of Rights and Freedoms equality of rights & responsibilities for all Canadians, quality affordable childcare, “Learning Passport” = help with the cost of university ($1000-$1500/student)
  • Clean Environment – clean resources (? cleaner oil sands), manage a long-term transition to the low-carbon economy of the future, stewardship of natural environment (oceans, parks, etc.)
  • Bringing Canadians Together – restore the credibility of Parliament, and reconnect government to the people it serves, focus on bilingual Canada, promote (?) arts & culture
  • Canada in the World – promote Canadian success overseas (?), and stand up for the proud ideal that a citizen of Canada is truly a citizen of the world (?), peacekeeping as a military objective


Tagline “Parlons Qc”
Leader: Gilles Duceppe (since 1997)
Place on political spectrum: Economic Left-Centre; Socially Liberal (debatable)
Colour: Blue?  Teal?
Current Seats in Parliament: 47 [15.26% of seats]
Popular Vote in 2008 Election: 9.98% [therefore overrepresented by 5.28%
*The Bloc Quebecois Electoral Platform was INCREDIBLY difficult to navigate

  • Defend Quebec values, identity, language, and culture: “All Quebeckers without exception form a nation.  Our national capital is Quebec City, not Ottawa!”
  • Economy: Increase funding for infrastructure and transportation in Quebec; promote the development of industries with a strong presence in Quebec, impose a surtax on very high incomes and bonuses, abolish tax give-aways for oil companies, maintain affirmative action
  • Social programs: generosity in employment insurance, ban scabs (aka supporting unions), abolish automatic parole, support the Gun Registry, increase funding to post-secondary students, protect rights of women & Aboriginals
  • Opt out of Canada’s multiculturalism policy
  • Environment: “Québec has a modern manufacturing economy that is based on renewable resources like forests and clean energy,” promote electric cars (?), reduce Quebec’s dependence on oil, protect the St. Lawrence River
  • Foreign Policy: increase funding for international development, protect culture/worker’s rights/environment in trade agreements, pull troops out of Afghanistan


Tagline “Canadian Leadership/Travaillons Ensemble”
Leader: Jack Layton (since 2003)
Place on political spectrum: Economic Left; Socially Liberal
Colour: Orange
Current Seats in Parliament: 36 [11.69% of seats]
Popular Vote in 2008 Election: 18.18% [therefore underrepresented by 6.49%] 

  • Economy: reward job creators (especially small businesses), install a federal minimum wage
  • Families: improve health services (hire more doctors & nurses), strengthen pensions, cap credit card fees, improve access to child care and post-secondary education, deliver affordable housing, lower household costs (i.e. heating)
  • Environment: invest in renewable energy, fund ‘green’ research & development, strengthen public transit, adopt the Climate Change Accountability Act
  • Fix Ottawa: stop the scandals (?), work with other parties to get things done (?), move for electoral reform (the way we vote/elect parliament), propose abolishing of senate
  • Leadership in Canada: support (?) arts & culture, hire more police, strengthen Official Languages, move towards equality of rights (gender, sexual orientation, etc), restore the Long-Form Census
  • Leadership on the World Stage: bring troops home from Afghanistan, restructure military


Tagline “It’s Time, Vote Green”
Leader: Elizabeth May (since 2006)
Place on political spectrum:  Economic Right-Centre; Socially Liberal
Colour: guess
Current Seats in Parliament: 0 [0% of seats]
Popular Vote in 2008 Election: 6.78% [therefore underrepresented by 6.78%] 

  • Smart Economy:  link economy to environment, push smart economic stimulus (pensions, EI, NOT big corporation subsidies), rethink fair-trade agreements, reduce personal income tax
  • Strong Communities: invest in transportation systems, increase funding for community infrastructure for recreation, support (?) arts & culture
  • True Democracy:  reform our voting/electoral system, reduce corporate control of journalism, focus on social justice (First Nations), refocus mission in Afghanistan, push other nations to meet their commitments to abolishing poverty
  • Environmental Vision: rely on non-polluting systems & renewable energy sources, increase Canada’s roll as a leader in Environmental advocacy

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