Sorry, we don’t have any books about big, bad, bizarre dinosaurs. Or Smurfs.

This year a major focus for us has been to train the students how to use our online library catalog program, Destiny Quest, in order to find materials on their own. The program allows users to search by key word, title, author or subject.

Want to see the top search terms the boys use?

Top search terms

No surprises here: nine out of the ten top terms are related to our graphic novel collection – that’s 133 individual searches altogether!

On the flip side, here are the top ten unsuccessful search terms. (Yes, we can find out all about that too.)

Unsuccessful searches

Number 1 and number 10 are searches for a specific book bar code number as part of a scavenger hunt Mr. Weber set up for his enrichment students. We don’t know who wanted books about big, bad, bizarre dinosaurs or Smurfs (was it the same person? Fascinating.) and I’m not sure I want to know what Maximum R is, exactly.

When I first looked at this list, however, I was surprised that someone got no results for “graphic novels” or “map of Antarctica” or “Lightning Thief”… until I looked at the report more closely. Do it now.

The Lighting Thief. That’s set in IKEA, right?


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