Now that’s dedication for you!

Ms. Walker and Mr. Weber love children’s books. We love working in a children’s library. We love getting kids excited about reading and scoping out all the new titles as they come out.

However… some people take this love of kiddie lit to extremes. Take this fellow, for example:

Where's Waldo? Somewhere on this fellow's back...

Yes folks, that is indeed a Where’s Waldo tattoo. According to this article from the Guardian, a 22 year-old British man endured over 24 hours of needles for this masterpiece of I-Spy. And the kicker is, he himself hasn’t even found Waldo yet!  But let’s cut him some slack: this is on his back after all.

We will not be surprised if an enterprising young St. George’s boy spots Waldo right away: they’re very good at it.


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One response to “Now that’s dedication for you!

  1. I found Waldo in a second… I feel bad. If it’s on his back permanently I feel like finding Waldo should have been more challenging. Love the post!

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