Samurai are the new vampires

You heard it here first: Samurai are the next big trend in children’s fiction. Just as the Twilight series spawned interest in the whole sub-genre of vampire books, we are seeing a host of Samurai-themed novels here at the library.

Chris Bradford’s Young Samurai series is by far the most popular. We just got the latest installment, The Ring of Fire!

Boys in this school love their series, and it’s not uncommon for our students to devour an entire series in short order. There are other books beyond Bradford’s that can satisfy that hunger for all things Samurai.

Why not try Margi Preus’s Heart of a Samurai? It is a Newbery Honor book and has been getting rave reviews!

There’s also Sandy Fussell’s Samurai Kids series. A new acquisition here but one that the boys should pick up for sure:

And even everyone’s favourite rodent journalist, Geonimo Stilton, has jumped on the bandwagon! Check out the cover of The Amazing Voyage.

Oh, Geronimo, you’re such a trendsetter!



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