AI: Amazing Intelligence!

There are various students who have approached Mr. Weber about enrichment projects involving robots and computer programming.  A great introduction to robotics is LEGO Mindstorms, which allow you to build and program robots to do what you want! With the contents in the set you get everything you need to build and program your very own intelligent LEGO robot, and make it perform loads of different operations.  The robot can be fitted, for example, with sensors which control motors and react to light, sound, touch, etc.

The NXT is the intelligent micro-computer LEGO brick that can be programmed to take inputs from sensors and activate the servo motors.  It is an intuitive, icon-based drag-and-drop programming language designed for an easy introduction to programming for new users and experienced users. By choosing program blocks that work with the motors and make the sensors react to inputs, you simply build up your program block by block, and you can create programs that range from simple to complex.

To check out the user-friendly walk-through introduction to the different programming blocks, click the picture below:

If you’re into robots, check out this strange video of Affetto, a child robot created at the Osaka University with realistic facial expressions so that humans can interact with it in a more natural way!


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    amazing and artistic as well! this is true beauty!

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