Powerfully Proving Your Poetic Prowess

Have you written a poem recently that you think is really (like, really) good?  Perhaps you’d like to enter that poem in a contest!  A website called Creative Communication hosts contests for student writers each term of the school year.  The entries for the Fall term are due tomorrow, December 6, 2011.

Here are some more details:

“The purpose of our poetry contest is to bring recognition to student writers. Winners share thousands in cash and prizes. In addition to the winning entries, other entries of high merit are accepted to be published in our hard-bound anthology.  With the publication being regionally based, students are competing against their peers in both age and location.  Within the guidelines of accepting less than 50% of the poems and essays that are entered in each contest, the contest is selective so that it is an honor to be accepted, yet not so exclusive that it is discouraging to enter. Unlike many other organizations who sponsor writing contests, there is no entry fee and no required purchase in order to become published. We take pride in the fact that our staff is comprised of teachers, professors and writers.”

Find out how to enter by clicking here:

If you aren’t so sure you’ll have your poem ready to enter by tomorrow, here are some other poetry contests coming up . . .

Good luck!


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