BCIT Aerospace Campus Visit

On December 8th, 2011 20 boys from Grade 4-7 journeyed to Richmond to visit the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) Aerospace Technology Campus.  It was an exciting and informative trip, during which everyone learned a lot and got to see many extraordinarily interesting things.  Some highlights included going into a Boeing 737-200 (including the cockpit) and touring all the classrooms and shops up close to see how they fix black boxes (they’re actually orange) and avionics (the electrical systems on an aircraft).  The boys also got to see a demonstration of how the autopilot works on a Boeing 747.  What stood out most to Doug and Miles, the boys who helped set this trip up, was the ATC (air traffic control) simulator.  Did you know that the real ATC systems centre for YVR is behind Costco in Surrey?  It could actually be anywhere, as it’s just a black room with covered with screens.

Overall, the students said that the experience was “mindblowing”.  It also contributed very well to the enrichment project that Miles and Doug are working on about aircraft maintenance and operations.  Have a look at some pictures from the trip below:

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A huge thank you to our tour guide, Mr. Bob Rorison, and to Ms. Lenalda Sutherland who helped us organize our trip!


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