How Many Librarians Does It Take…

… to unplug 14 computers?

Zero – the ever-intrepid Adam from the IT Help Desk was tasked with unplugging and removing the 14 computers we have in the library so that the massive and awkward tables can be disposed of. Over the Christmas holidays, an electrician will be coming in to rewire the area and install some more electrical outlets.

Why, you might ask?

Oh, only because all 14 student computers – plus three printers, two check-out computers, and three scanners – have, until today, been plugged into one lowly outlet on the floor.

This is what it looked like:

Spaghetti, anyone?

The dark underbelly of the computer station

Not only was this a huge hassle to sort through should anything go wrong with one of the machines, but it was also a rather frightening safety hazard – the library is, after all, just a big room full of dry kindling and small children.

We are so excited to have the electrician fix this mess so we can enjoy our brand new media centre!

Coincidentally, Mr. Weber and a Grade 2 student started a project on electrical circuits today using a snap circuit kit: maybe they could help out with the mess under our computer table!


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