St. George’s School is currently undergoing an exciting facility review with Fielding Nair International, an architectural firm that specializes in 21st Century schools. Since the library is such an important part of the school, we wanted to hear what the students would like to see in their ideal library.

The Library Club broke into groups of four and brainstormed ideas on post-it notes. After a discussion, we then classified the ideas under a few different categories: technology; decor; books and supplies; furniture; and space. Here is what the club members came up with – what ideas do you like? What would your perfect library be?

Club members classify their ideas ( ...and Robert decorates the board)


  • more checkout computers
  • computers in newer and smaller area
  • iMacs
  • checkout iPads too
  • Mini video screens to show new series with names so we don’t waste paper


  • New carpet
  • lower lights and lamps
  • Bright colours and shelves


  • New tables and chairs
  • Shelf for new books
  • More stools
  • Couches

Books and Supplies

  • Comic sections with beanbags and Marvel, PC, Manga, etc
  • fiction, fantasy, science fiction separated
  • Author areas and same book areas
  • more writing supplies


  • Washroom?
  • more space
  • front space divided by a wall so students in a class can listen to Ms. W while students in the back can talk. (Front arch): with beanbag chairs!!!!
  • quiet room for library classes reading time
  • place to do homework with new homework (quiet area)
  • quiet reading space
  • reading area in the back in Mr. Weber and Ms. Walker’s office
  • a meeting room for teachers so students can come after school
  • new walls
  • renovate office
  • secret hideout for library club members

I did overhear one group discussing the benefits of having robot librarians, but thankfully that idea didn’t make the final cut! And, a secret hideout would be a most excellent addition to the space. Interesting how popular the idea of a quiet area is, as well as introducing beanbag chairs for comfy reading.


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