April is Poetry Month!

Throughout the month of April, people all over Canada celebrate National Poetry Month.  Established in April 1999, National Poetry Month brings together schools, publishers, booksellers, literary organizations, libraries, and poets across the country to celebrate poetry and its vital place in Canada’s culture.  Communities and businesses participate through readings, festivals, book displays, and other events.  The goal of National Poetry Month is to expand and educate poetry audiences, especially young audiences, and to increase the profile of poetry and poets, while boosting sales of Canadian poetry books.

This year’s new, exciting theme is Balance: Cultural, Creative, Community, National, Environmental, Economic, Personal, and Social.  Participants will be asked to expand on this theme, offering their view on what balance means to them, on a personal or even political level.  How is balance achieved in our communities?  How do we create and ensure balance in our ecological system?  How can Canadians balance creative and cultural pursuits within the current political and economic environment?  How do you achieve balance at work and at play?


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