Found Poetry: Canuck Jersey Edition

To celebrate Poetry Month, boys in all grades are having fun playing with language. Today some Grade 6 students tried their hands at “found poetry,” a literary form that creates poems out of the words and phrases found in articles, books, manuals and other poetry.

The boys read this article about the sale of fake Vancouver Canucks jerseys in town now that the playoffs have started. They circled, underlined or copied down any phrases or key words that stood out to them, then rearranged these into lines to create their very own poems. No actual writing required! The finished products are actually quite humorous!

Forget the


They are not

a legit

NHL team.

~ Oliver


Authentic jerseys

$25 – $200

Eat profits of legitimate retailers

Online scams


Everywhere today

~ Josh

$25 – that’s impossible to say

$200 – I can spot them right away

~ Simon


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