Iglook? Bookgloo? Bookworm Habitat?

Colombian sculptural installation artist Miler Lagos often uses simple items, such as books, and loads them up with meaning by arranging them in interesting and provocative ways.  In 2011, at New York City’s Magnan Metz Gallery, Lagos constructed this entirely self-supporting 9-foot book igloo (titled ‘Home’) using nothing more than hundreds of carefully aligned books.  The books were arranged in a neat dome with the pages facing outwards to create a white shell, while the colorful spines of the books faced inwards revealing their  titles.  The project was meant to explore the dynamics between nature,  culture, and material possessions.  The playful structure thus provides both a protective shelter for its imagined residents and  a space filled with information to be passed between generations.

Apparently, the books used in this piece were taken from the library of a defunct US Navy base, and included all sorts of things from dictionaries to volumes on geography and psychology.  Lagos also had a show in Toronto a couple of years ago – read about it on BlogTO.


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  1. Tristan Johnson

    cool igloo =)

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