A warm welcome to…

… about 150 new titles! A few weeks ago, the Walker-Weber team went to Kidsbooks for our biggest ever single pick-up.

We’re slowly making our way through the process of cataloguing, but here are a few new titles to look out for:

Emily Gravett, where have you been all our lives? Her books have it all: cute animals; clever details; flaps, holes and pop-out features; and surprise endings. These are going to fly off the shelves.

The Youngest Templar is a new series for us, suggested by one of our students. We predict it will be a big hit: our boys cannot get enough adventure series, and for those who have devoured the Young Samurai and Ranger’s Apprentice books, this will be a good choice.

The title alone will be tempting to many of our students… but the content will keep them enthralled.

2012 marks the centenary of the Titanic tragedy, and this new title will help to quench the boys’ thirst for information about the disaster. Presented as a series of newspaper articles, and with lots of archival photos, the format is interesting and engaging.

   Another entry in this entertaining and informative series from Annick Press. Kids enjoy the question-and-answer format and Ross Kinneard’s whimsical illustrations.

Surprisingly (or not), our cookbook section is consistently popular, and it was due for some new titles. This is a good choice for kids who have mastered simple recipes and want to make a full meal!

That’s only a small sampling of what we have on offer – come check out our new titles yourself!


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