Big Bang Brainstorming

Have you ever wondered how the universe was created?  Darius, in 2JT, wanted to find out.  Today we had a really cool discussion about this topic.  One thing that we discovered, however, was that for some questions, we just don’t have any answers.  For example, scientists believe that the universe – including all space, time, and matter – was created around 14 billion years ago.  This is called the Big Bang Theory.  But what happened before that?  How can you wrap your head around the fact that there was once no time?!

Also, scientists believe that the universe continues to expand.  If something is expanding, Darius said, that means there must be something outside its outer edges!  What could possibly be outside of the universe?!

All of this is super interesting, even if the best answer to some of these questions is “I don’t know.”  To learn a bit more about the creation of the universe, watch this kid-friendly video called From the Big Bang to Me:


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