Turtles on the Move

Christopher & Joshua, in 4VL, have  been investigating turtles as part of an inquiry project.  After their most recent meeting with Mr. Weber, he gave them some homework, and they gave him some as well.  Mr. Weber’s assignment was to find some interesting, informative videos about turtles.  After some investigation, here’s what he found . . .

From the BBC’s The Blue Planet: Seas of Life, episode 1 –

From Natures The Reptiles: Turtles and Tortoises –

From the BBC’s Planet Earth: Extreme Journeys –

Also have a look at the website ARKive.org – here you’ll find information about all sorts of living things.  Click here to access all their information about different species of turtles, and click on the little video symbols on the right side to see all sorts of videos featuring turtles.  Or click on the picture below for one example – a Loggerhead turtle feeding on a jellyfish –



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