Time Travel

The Grade 5 classes are winding up a unit on Barkerville, B.C. Barkerville is not the easiest topic for students to  research, because there just isn’t that much out there on what our students need to learn about: gold rush era jobs and occupations. If you type “Barkerville” and “jobs” into Google – which, honestly, is not a bad place to start – you’ll find out about job openings at the heritage site of Barkerville for this summer! Not super helpful (unless you’re harboring a secret desire to be in an historical reenactment).

Enter the Teacher Librarian! Ms. Walker created a resource page on her favourite curation site, Scoop.it, for the students to use in their research. Instead of facing the whole World Wide Web, they were able to select from a limited number of reliable and child friendly websites. Magic! Check out Ms. Walker’s Scoop.it page here!

The boys learned about the different jobs in the Gold Rush using these sites as well as this fantastic book:

Click image to learn more about this book.

Click image to learn more about this book.

Today they celebrated their learning by creating their own Barkerville storefronts and presenting to their classes!

Look how much fun it’s been to learn about the past!


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