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Mr. Weber’s Grade 1 reading group has been reading the best book together recently – Mark Haddon’s Boom!  It tells the story of Jimbo and Charlie, middle school students who bug the staff room and overhear two of their teachers speaking to each other in a secret language.  What does “spudvetch” actually mean, and why do Mr. Kidd’s eyes flicker with fluorescent blue light when Charlie says it to him?  Perhaps Mr. Kidd and Mrs. Pearce are bank robbers talking in code.  Perhaps they’re spies.  Perhaps they are aliens.  Whatever it is, Jimbo and Charlie are determined to find out.

Derek, Gabriel, Isaac, and Noaah would definitely recommend this book to anyone who likes a funny, mysterious, and exciting adventure story.  Check out author Mark Haddon talking about the process of writing this book:

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