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Book Tasting

Today, Ms Walker offered 7MM the library’s very first book tasting! Mr. Sturgeon asked her to help the boys in his Language Arts class to choose books for Spring Break, but he probably wasn’t expecting what came next…

Inspired by other library bloggers, she set up the tables like a fancy restaurant, and selected a number of books from six different genres: Sci-fi, Fantasy, Mystery/Suspense, Realistic Fiction, Humour and Kenneth Oppel. (Okay, K.O. isn’t really his own genre, but the 7s finished studying Half Brother and loved it. So… why not?) The boys were instructed to read the blurb and a few pages of some books on each table, and then make note of books that interest them in a “menu”. Every few minutes, the students rotated to a different genre and started afresh. The result? Lots of check outs and renewed interest in some of our great fiction collection! Grade 7s are typically not the most enthusiastic library users, with the lowest checkout rates of the school. This was a fun way to get them enthused about reading, and to introduce them to books they’ve never heard of.

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