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Write Your Name in Runes or Hieroglyphs

In Reece, Denny, and Jason’s ongoing quest to discover everything there is to know about ancient languages, today we discovered two cool online tools with which you might have fun playing around.

Runes are the characters of Futhark, the alphabet used by the Vikings and other Germanic peoples from about the second to the 15th centuries A.D.  Click on the picture below to visit the NOVA website (by PBS) and you can use their interactive to see your name spelled in runes and learn the meaning of each of the letters in the Viking alphabet.

Another fun thing you can fiddle around with is the Hieroglyphic Typewriter.  The hieroglyphic language of the Egyptians was kind of complicated, but you can click on the picture below to get a simplified idea of what a word translated from English might look like.


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