Boundless Enthusiasm

In two short days, the Grade 5s and 7s will welcome Kenneth Oppel (!!!!) to the library!

Mr. Oppel is a very popular author in our library. His books are suspenseful, intriguing and fun to read, and are a great match for some of the more reluctant readers at Saints. Moreover, the Grade 7s studied his novel Half Brother in their Language Arts classes last term, so they are thrilled that they’ll meet him in the flesh.

His newest book, The Boundless, recently came out. It’s a great Canadian yarn full of adventure, magic, trains and railroad lore. What’s really neat is that Mr. Oppel has been updating his blog regularly with a lot of information about how he’s envisioned the eponymous fantastical train. If you’ve just started The Boundless, or you’re eagerly awaiting for your own copy for Mr. Oppel to sign, don’t miss his blog! Click here to read about sasquatches, luxury rail travel and the Last Spike.



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