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National Geographic Stories

Today Mr. Weber’s Grade 1 reading group was introduced to National Geographic Magazine.  We spent some time perusing a bunch of back issues, and then each boy chose one article to read carefully.  After reading, we tried to answer some questions about the articles we read:

  1. Remember – describe what your article was about. (2-3 sentences)
  2. Understand – what is the most important thing for the reader to take away from this story? (what is the message?)
  3. Apply – what questions (2-3) would you ask the author if you could talk with them?
  4. Analyze – how does this story connect to your own life? (at least 1 good sentence)
  5. Evaluate – is the story trying to convince us of something? (is it trying to make us think something?)
  6. Create – can you create something new that, if added, would make this story better? (a picture or some added writing) – do this on the back

Here are the links to the articles that each boy read:

Mr. Weber – Daisetsuzan: Big Snow Mountain, published August 2008

Noaah – Sailfish in the Whirl, published September 2008

Gabriel – Frozen Assets: Send Me to Siberia, published June 2008

Derek – Japan’s Nuclear Refugees, published December 2011

Isaac – Who Murdered the Virunga Gorillas?, published July 2008

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