It’s a German-Speaking, Deep-Thinking, World-Travelling Plastic Bag!

One of our library’s new projects this year, the Saints Film Festival, was a huge success.  We screened 9 films throughout the year: some funny, some sad, some beautiful, some thought-provoking.  Following each screening, one of the teachers (an “expert” in a subject area that matches up with that film) moderated a short discussion with the viewers.  Today we had our final screening of the year: a fantastic film called Plastic Bag.

This short film by American director Ramin Bahrani traces the epic, existential journey of Plastic Bag, staring a plastic bag voiced by Werner Herzog.  The bag is searching for its lost maker, the woman who took it home from the store and eventually discarded it, all the while wondering if there is any point to life without her.  Along the way, it encounters strange creatures, experiences brief love in the sky, grieves the loss of its beloved maker, and tries to grasp its purpose in the world.

In the end, the wayward plastic bag wafts its way to the ocean, into the tides, and out into the Pacific Ocean trash vortex — a promised nirvana where it will settle among its own kind and gradually let the memories of its maker slip away.

This film screened at the Venice Film Festival, the New York Film Festival, the Telluride Film Festival, and the South by Southwest Film Festival.

Mr. Murray led an interesting discussion that touched on perspective & point-of-view, the environment, and the meaning of life.  Talk about a lot going on in one movie!

If you’re interested in watching any of the other films that were part of the Saints Film Festival this year, click on the links below.

September: A Mouse.  A Laser beam.  A Manipulated Memory. moderated by Mr. Shin (Science Teacher)

October: The Lost Thing, moderated by Ms. Walker (Librarian)

November: Detroit Lives: An Urban Exploration, moderated by Mr. Bepple (Art Teacher)

December: Landfill Harmonic, moderated by Mrs. Backun (Music Teacher)

January: The Record Breaker, moderated by Mrs. Beames (Primary Resource Teacher)

February: Parson’s Pleasure, moderated by Mr. Weber (Enrichment Teacher)

March: Blindsight, moderated by Dr. Mamer (Hearing and Vision Specialist) – to view this entire film, please inquire about borrowing the DVD from Dr. Mamer

April: A Performance of Mathemagic, moderated by Ms. Murphy (Math & Drama Teacher)

May: Plastic Bag, moderated by Mr. Murray (Music Teacher and all-around funny guy)


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