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Transportation Innovation

Ishaan, in Grade 6, has been working on a project about transportation, focused on transportation problems in Vancouver, with Mr. Weber over the last while.  Some of the things we’ve talked about are public transit (buses, SkyTrains, etc), Google Maps real-time traffic (simply type “traffic” into Google Maps), bike lanes & bike parking, road construction, road tolls & congestion charges, education regarding transportation, Bike to School Week, discounts & incentives for people to make non-car choices, and the potential implementation of self-driving cars and how that might affect traffic.

Check out the informative poster that Ishaan made (you can also see the poster on the bulletin board near the central stairwell on the 3rd floor):

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In addition, Ishaan found this amazing video where we follow Steve Mahan as he drives around town and runs errands—without touching the steering wheel or gas pedals.  Steve’s outing is more than just a carefully programmed test drive, it’s the realization of a science fiction dream and an opportunity for technology to impact the lives of millions of people. The most amazing thing about the whole situation is that Steve is blind.

This video was made by Google in March 2012.  The self-driving car is still in development (to be released for public trials in 2015), and it aims to make driving safer, more efficient and more enjoyable.  Just last week, Google introduced its latest prototype; this newest version included no steering wheel, no brake pedal, no accelerator, and no park-forward-reverse … turning the “driver” into merely a passenger.  Click here to read an article which goes into further detail.

Ishaan’s latest interest is in writing a letter to Mayor Gregor Robertson, telling them about his ideas and opinions.  If you have any ideas you’d like to pass on to our Mayor, visit http://vancouver.ca/your-government/contact-mayor-robertson.aspx

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