HMS Bookmark

In June, we packed up everything in the library office – DVDs, audiobooks, teacher resource guides, board games, tape, book covering supplies – pretty much everything that lived on a shelf or in a drawer. This was because our new furniture was supposed to arrive in August, but alas, it has been delayed until October. One victim of our packing spree was the box of bookmarks that we give out every day when boys take out books. Without bookmarks, some poor wee souls have resorted to asking for Post-It notes upon checkout! It simply won’t do!

Thankfully, Max, in Grade 6, came to the rescue. After I casually mentioned that we didn’t have any bookmarks, he offered to design one himself – and what a terrific job he did!

Every ship is different, and they all have a name

Every ship is different, and they all have a name

We will be printing these on heavy card stock and giving them away. If you would like this one-of-a-kind nautical bookmark, come to the library! It would be wonderful if more boys offered to design our bookmarks for us – they’re much more special than the ones we can buy!



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2 responses to “HMS Bookmark

  1. Max Lim grade 6

    I will make more, just on tight

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