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Project X- Flight

 This month’s edition of the St. George’s Film Festival is Project X- Flight. In keeping with our engineering theme, this film describes the engineering of flight.

If you’ve ever dreamed of flying, then this episode is for you. Project X meets the scientists and inventors who are pushing the limits of flight: from new machines with amazing designs to the human body itself. Engineer Dr. Brian Fleck takes a ride in a hang glider to help illustrate the basic physics of flight, along the way explaining how something the size of an apartment building can actually get off the ground. Grad student Marc Huot then goes skiing in a wind tunnel to unlock the secrets of an Olympic Gold alpine jump. Together they take a look at the human contribution to flight — rocket science. Microbiologist Dr. Jennifer Gardy picks up a few tips from some of Canada’s top fighter pilots on how to sustain performance. And education expert Dr. Brian Alters gets up close and personal with the only mammals capable of really flying — bats.

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