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Making use of our new space

We’ve had our new furnishings for just over two months now, and we can’t even remember what the library was like before! The new furniture has made an immediate impact on student satisfaction and learning. Here’s just one example: yesterday both Grade 4 classes visited the Library at the end of the day to kick-start their First Nations projects. In years past, we would send the set of books up to the Grade 4 teachers, but this year everyone was invited and able to find a space to collaborate! After an introduction to the task and some advice in deciding what information the boys needed to learn, finding the right book for the job, and extracting information in note form, they were off! Forty-eight boys were able to spread out across the space to take notes in small groups. The moveable furniture and private nooks really made the lesson effective since the boys were able to either work together, or find a quieter spot on their own.

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