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Yo Yo Crazy

I don’t have any empirical data for this, but I would estimate that I utter (yell?) the phrase “put that yo-yo away!” about 24,736 times a week. Yo-yos are BIG this year at St. Georges. (For the record: I am very pro yo-yo, but very anti reckless-swinging-around-the-library-where-things-can-get-knocked-over.)

Well. If you can keep a secret, I’m going to let something very exciting slip: an upcoming Human Library guest is a yo-yo guru! Jasper in Grade 5 – so often the recipient of my entreaties above – asked if we could invite the current world champion to the school. Unfortunately, Gentry Stein does not live locally, but we’ve secured an awesome yo-yo expert from right here in Vancouver! We’re still working out details so can’t tell you too much yet, but he gave me the heads-up that the Canadian Yo Yo Championships are being held on March 28th at Taylor Park Elementary School! More information can be found here.

If you’re new to the yo-yo craze, check out Gentry Stein’s world championship routine below. It’s incredible!


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