Our Footprints – Our Future!

The Grade 4 and 5 classes have kicked off their Carbon Footprint Project and will be investigating the concept of a carbon footprint before selecting one small change they can make to reduce their own. To begin with, the boys will use the calculator at http://calc.zerofootprint.net/ to learn what areas they and their families could improve in when it comes to sustainable choices. Next, they will choose one small change to make – something like walking or biking to school, starting a compost, or buying local groceries. For one week, starting April 6th, they will collect data on their habits. For example, in a typical week, how many times do they drive to and from school? The following week, beginning April 13th, they will strive to make a positive change – for example, they will take public transport to and from school. By comparing the “before” and “after” results, they can see tangible evidence of their commitment to reducing their carbon footprints.

Here is a copy of the data collection sheet, in case you misplaced yours.


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