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Author Visit Bonanza!

On Friday October 16th and Tuesday October 20th, we were fortunate enough to welcome three authors to visit our school! On the 16th we welcomed Kevin Sylvester and Kevin Sands, authors of the Neil Flambe series and The Blackthorn Key respectively. The two Kevins were a wonderful pair, even though their books are wildly different.

Kevin Sylvester has that magic skill that instantly entrances students: he can draw. Really well. So not only were we treated to a drawing lesson (big takeaway: if you’re trying to draw something, start with the basic shapes and then add to it; don’t try to draw it perfectly first.) we also got some great advice for writing: always be curious.

The Blackthorn Key is Kevin Sands’ very first book, and the Grade 5s are totally enthralled by it in library period! It is a tough order to make a book set in 17th Century London appealing to modern boys, but The Blackthorn Key has enough explosions, intrigue and indecipherable codes to keep kids turning the pages. Mr. Sands has researched codes and ciphers extensively and taught us all about them, and even stumped a few kids with a code hidden in a newspaper clipping.

On October 20th, we were fortunate enough to have another visit from Kenneth Oppel. Mr. Oppel is a bestselling author, read all around the world, but you wouldn’t know it to speak to him. He’s down to earth, approachable, and funny! He presented to the Grade 7s about Half Brother and to the Grade 4s (and an errant class of Grade 3s) about his latest novel The Nest. Which, by the way, is astoundingly good. Wasp nests, babies, dreams, angels… it’s unlike anything you’ll read. Go read it.

Thank you to all three K-authors for such terrific visits, and thanks as always to Vancouver Kidsbooks for organizing the author tours and providing us with books!

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