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A Visit with Matt Holm!

Today was a very exciting one for the Grade 5 and 6 classes. We were fortunate enough to invite Matt Holm to St. George’s for a presentation on his new graphic novel Sunny Side Up! The timing could not be more perfect, because the Grade 6 students study Jennifer Holm’s — his sister and writing partner —  novel Turtle in Paradise this term, and it was wonderful to hear all about their family history and how that translates to a working relationship.

Matt is just a down-to-earth guy, and gave a fabulous presentation on his writing process: how to create characters, include fun details, and write with an authentic voice.

Check out the photos!

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The Kazu – Raina Power Tour!

Today was a very exciting day at St. George’s. It was maybe the most exciting day ever. Ever ever ever. We got a visit from two of the most popular graphic novelists in the library: Kazu Kibuishi and Raina Telgemeier! Raina visited us two years ago and many of our students remembered that visit fondly. Some of them even kept the books she signed then and had her re-sign them today! Because the two creators are so massively popular with boys of all ages, we invited everyone in Grades 3 to 7 to the gym.

Kazu and Raina gave a joint presentation on the inspiration for their stories. Raina started the morning off with a bang, with a live reading of one chapter of Sisters involving two of our students. Even though Raina’s Sisters is a childhood memoir, and Kazu’s Amulet series is fantasy, it was fascinating to learn about how both wove in their own personal histories into their characters and plot lines. For example, Kazu’s memories of growing up with a single mother inspired the mystery of Emily and Navin’s kidnapped mother in Amulet. We wrapped up the event with a book signing in the library.

Enjoy the photos below!

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A Visit from Camilla D’Errico

This morning the Grade 6 classes were treated to an excellent visit that tied in with art, writing, and their Social Studies unit on Japan! The very talented Camilla D’Errico paid a visit to the Junior Library and told the boys all about her process as an artist and Manga creator, including a huge number of slides with her paintings, comics and other designs. In addition to learning about the process of creating a comic book, the boys also learned what a career in the arts is like. So many of our students love art, and Camilla encouraged them to bring their sketchbooks along with them as she provided some instruction on creating Manga characters.

Camilla’s newest book is Pop Manga, and a number of boys purchased a copy for her to sign. How-to-draw books are always a sure bet, and this one is particularly well-planned and clear. Pretty sure this will be a fixture on the holds list from now on!

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Top Titles

Playing with statistics is fun! Just out of interest, Ms. Walker looked up the most popular books for the 30 days (click to enlarge, or just squint):

may top titlesThere are no massive surprises here: these are all graphic novels, and most of them are part of a popular series. Chi’s Sweet Home has won over students all the way from Grade 1 to Grade 7, so when the ninth installment came out, it was snapped up right away. Ariol and Stickman Odyssey have also been sleeper hits this month.

Non-fiction books get checked out regularly, but are seldom as “hot” as our fiction selections. Here’s what’s been popular from the information side of things:

may non fic topSo basically, if your son has been attempting to leap tall buildings in a single bound, create a comic book, or build something crazy out of Lego, you can blame us. Ideas can be dangerous.

Have a great Victoria Day long weekend!

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Friday Funny

Here’s a little library humor to make you smile heading into the weekend!


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Nothing Like a Geometry Joke



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Everyone Loves a Grammar Cartoon

cactua(via Gods of the Moon)

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