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Term 2 – Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow

The final weeks of term 2 have certainly had a number of exciting occurrences take place! Here are some brief highlights.


Library Club – Fish Division Field Trip

This afternoon a group of thirteen boys made the journey to Noah’s Pet Ark where they selected a variety of new fish for the Library fish tank. The boys who came on the field trip have diligently cared for the fish throughout the school year – cleaning the tank, feeding them, and generally being upstanding fish enthusiasts. As the population of the fish tank grew exponentially today, concerns of unrest amongst the fish are rife. Which fish will become the ringleader of the tank? Will the Gold Gourami be able to continue his dominance? Only time will tell…


Grade 6 Destination Imagination

At the end of February, a group of five grade 6 boys made the journey to Burnaby North Secondary School to participate in the Destination Imagination Regional Tournament. Since their return from Christmas, the boys had been working on creating a vehicle that would be able to make trips back and forth across the presentation area, all while performing a skit. The boys performed admirably well and are currently working on their new and improved solution for Provincials in early April.

DI car.jpg

Grade 4 Skype Visit with Evan Howard

Last Friday, Evan Howard (an adventurer, most recently seen on History Channel’s Curse of the Frozen Gold) joined the grade 4’s online to discuss what it is like to live and survive in the Arctic. This tied in nicely with the Arctic themed book that the boys are reading in Language Arts – Frozen Fire. Evan chatted and shared photos of his attempted winter traverse of the Brooks Range in Alaska before fielding questions from the boys.


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Available for Adoption!

Ms Walker has finally finished her ruthless weeding campaign in the fiction section, and the rejects are available, FREE to good homes, this week after school!

Surely you don’t want to miss out on such amazing state-of-the-art fiction like The Secret of the Software Spy! software spy…Or deprive yourself of the gift of questionable cover art in The Catalogue of the Universe:

catalogue of the universeOne of the perks of weeding is discovering old due date cards inside the books, and looking at the dates when the book was last checked out. Whatever happened to these boys? Where are they now? Did these books have any impact on them? Maybe they can find loving new homes with St. George’s families this week.

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Term in Review

It’s hard to believe that the first term is over, and that 2014 is almost at hand! Check out this video of some of the highlights of the library this term. Have a great break, and see you in January!


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Quick! Look Busy!

Library Club is not for the faint of heart. Today was hard work!


First, there’s a stack of books to check in…

check in

… overdue notices to deliver…

delivery… picture books to weed…

weeding 1

weeding 2

weeding 3

… and Halloween displays to create!

display 2

display 1

Where would we be without these hardworking and enthusiastic young men?

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What a Tableau!

Dah-da-da-dah!  The library has once again made magic happen with our group photo for 2012-2013.  The boys’ faces are telling as many stories as the books they’re reading!

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Slurp slurp

Today was the (legendary) Library Club end-of-year party! We dished out some root beer floats, played some tunes, and relaxed. Cheers!





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Lost and Found

Today the library club sorted through the lost and found box to try and reunite missing items with their owners. Evan demonstrates the bizarre assortment of lost things that find their way to the library:

If you are missing:

  • A large black teddy bear (wet)
  • A Nerf football (yellow)
  • A hockey puck (regulation-sized)
  • Pink sunglasses (child-sized)
  • A water bottle (half-full)

.. then they are in the library! Come and claim them!

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